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Al-Star Classic

A classic battle of North v. South. The North is often represented by the Pompano Chiefs, Eagles, Stealers, Cowboys and the Deerfield Packer Rattlers, while the South is commonly represented by the Fort Lauderdale Falcons, Lauderdale Lakes Vikings, Lauderhill Broncos, Lauderhill Lions and Weston Tigers.

During the 4th All-Star Classic, after very spirited conversations with Cheer Moms, cheerleaders were introduced to the classic. Cheerleaders are chosen from the same teams as the football players and a Most Spirited Cheerleader is chosen from each squad.

The All-Star classic is played after the regular football season and playoffs. A coach from each team volunteers for this extra 2 weeks of work. The coaches who often battle each other just as fiercely as the players during the year enjoy working together at the end of each football season.

Volunteers it takes a lot of work to put on the All-Star classic each year and many people volunteer to perform those tasks year-round and only game day. Volunteers assist and gathering the names and making sure that each roster is filled out by the first practice, check players in on game day, prepare the field and hospitality tents, check in vendors on game day, assist with trophy presentation and even game announcing.

Parents play a major part of the All-Star classic. It lot of them volunteer to assist with the game. Parents also provide emotional uplift for all the players in all of the games, many of them remain and cheer on players at subsequent games.

About  Us

When Senator Smith was a State Representative, he and other community leaders saw a need for a post-season all-star game that would bring all the communities together. With the help of fundraising and sponsorships, the vision became a reality and is now a long-standing tradition embraced by the players and their families.

Senator Smith can relate to the excitement of the players, having played for the Lauderdale Lakes Vikings during his youth. 






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